Olin Cohan, co-founder: Masaya Homes

Courtesy of Masaya Homes

Growing forests one backyard at a time.


How are you disrupting the ADU industry?

I don’t know if we disrupt. We like to revisit and rethink every aspect of our industry. We all have that ‘’question everything” character here. The most obvious disruption is that our ADUs are made from reforested teak, which is huge in an industry where most ADUs aren’t made with particularly sustainable or high-quality materials. We grow teak on deforested pastures in Central America. The teak farms support sanctuaries that allow flora and fauna to thrive, while capturing literally tons of carbon.

What’s the most interesting new product you’ve come up with?

We developed a panelized system that allows us to solve problems that everyone has with construction. We now flat pack entire ADUs, deliver them without the need for heavy machinery and install faster than conventional construction. Sounds easier than it is, considering we are not compromising on material, quality and durability. We make these to last forever.

What sets you apart?

We love great design and building products that enhance people’s everyday lives. For work, family, quality of life, financial stability even. But what I truly love is the tangible result of what we do. I often visit our forests to see the positive impact we have on our planet. It’s hard to explain with words, but it feels like we are accomplishing something real.


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