Dina Grant | Advertising Director, Co-Founder

dina@marinlivingmagazine.com   |  707.238.2030

Advertising Consultants

Wine Country Advertising Consultant

Chet Klingensmith
chet@marinlivingmagazine.com, 707.216.1780

Hawaii Region Advertising Consultant
Meredith Low
meredith@marinlivingmagazine.com, 808.388.2644

Advertising Consultant
Kim McGinnis
kim@marinlivingmagazine.com, 707.559.8598

Advertising Consultant
Carrie Moler
carrie@marinlivingmagazine.com, 415.271.3080

Advertising Consultant
Courtney Roberts
courtney@marinlivingmagazine.com, 415.720.3752

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Client Services Manager
Lauren Winsett

Our Vision

Marin Living magazine honors the principals of generosity, health, conservation, and community that define Marin. We are committed to producing engaging content that celebrates positivity, diversity, and the beauty of our surroundings. We welcome new community members while upholding the ideals of those who have paved the way. Marin is constantly evolving and we are telling her story.

Our Unique Marketing Approach

We think of marketing as a big concept. All facets of it are important, but how the individual components interact with each other is what makes our marketing plans effective. We develop packages that are built for maximum exposure and growth. We don’t just sell ads, we create campaigns that include marketing strategies that are thoughtfully mapped out in accordance with our clients’ messaging. Each contract is built after a thorough consultation by our executive team.

Print Advertising

Local consumers love to read Marin Living magazine — and there is no better place to showcase your business or service. Building a trusted connection to our readers is our highest priority and we’ll work with you to develop messaging that is captivating to our audience. Our advertising options range all the way from custom impact units to quarter pages. Our executive team will work with you to help create a campaign that best fits your needs and budget.