Dina Grant | Business Development Director, Co-Founder

dina@marinlivingmagazine.com   |  707.238.2030

Advertising Consultants

Marketing Strategy Consultant & Wine Country Specialist

Chet Klingensmith
chet@marinlivingmagazine.com, 707.216.1780

Marketing Strategy Consultant, Hawaii
Meredith Low
meredith@marinlivingmagazine.com, 808.388.2644

Marketing Strategy Consultant
Kim McGinnis
kim@marinlivingmagazine.com, 707.559.8598

Marketing Strategy Consultant & Local Business Specialist
Carrie Moler
carrie@marinlivingmagazine.com, 415.271.3080

Marketing Strategy Consultant
Courtney Roberts
courtney@marinlivingmagazine.com, 415.720.3752

Marketing Strategy Consultant
Allison Zweig
allison@marinlivingmagazine.com, 917.608.4816

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Client Services Director
Lauren Winsett

Our Vision

At Marin Living, we believe in the power of stories. To be a trusted voice in Marin, we must illuminate her evolving tale and champion the values that bind us — from the legacies of those who built the foundation of our community to the dynamic narratives of those who reside here now. As we delve into what makes this this a place like no other, every page, every word and every image is a testament to the rich tapestry of the life that defines us. We inspire, connect and elevate. Join us as we celebrate Marin — past, present and future.

Our Unique Marketing Approach

Within the expansive landscape of marketing, every detail holds weight — but it’s the cohesive interplay of these components that fortifies the efficacy of our marketing endeavors. Our focus is on devising packages precisely engineered for maximum visibility and growth. We transcend traditional ad selling, instead, meticulously designing campaigns that are steeped in strategic alignment with our clients’ core messages. Every engagement is rooted in comprehensive deliberation, spearheaded by our seasoned team.

Print Advertising

Marin Living magazine is a favorite among local readers, making it the ideal platform to highlight your business or service. Our utmost priority is forging genuine connections with our readership. Partner with us, and we’ll craft a message that resonates powerfully with our audience. From tailored advertising solutions to specialized sections, we offer a multitude of options. Trust our team to tailor a campaign that aligns with both your objectives and budget.