Chris Dorman AIA: Dorman Associates, Inc.

Photo provided by Dorman Associates

Design that capitalizes on the outstanding Marin views and weather.

What is it about business that makes it a local trendsetter?
Our architecture firm is constantly evolving. We started as a small residential practice and have expanded into a larger firmm specializing in both residential and commercial architecture with a focus on hospitality. We love incorporating experiences into our spaces, framing views with windows and large sliding doors that open your living room to the beautiful Marin  weather. At Flora Farms, our farm-to-table restaurant in Mexico, there are hardly any walls at all, the dining is oriented to the field where a band plays every night. This concept has been recently labeled Experiential Architecture and we feel this has always been a part of our design ethos. This can also be seen through some of our local projects such as the Watershed at the Mill Valley Lumberyard and the rebranding of the Piatti restaurants.

What separates your business from the pack?
In our office we emphasize collaboration, creativity and communication at the beginning of every project. We are committed to working closely with clients to create architecture that aligns with their vision and reflects a client-centric approach, fostering a genuine partnership in the design process. We were early adopters of three-dimensional visioning and offer fully developed models for virtual walk-throughs for every project. It’s fun to see our clients show their friends the model of their project. Ged, the owner of Watershed, loved to walk people through the Watershed before we ever started construction.

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