Falla Associates: Golden Gate Sotheby’s International Realty

Photo provided by Falla Associates

The insight and experience to give clients the best guidance.

What is it about your team that makes them trendsetters?
Our combined nearly 70 years in real estate gives us just that, the insight and experience. This enables us to provide our clients with unrivaled service and guidance, ultimately maximizing the value of their home, or helping them find the right home.

What is unique about your client approach?
Because we work across all price points, we have a range of clientele needs and subsequent strategies to both debut a home to market and to maximize the potential buyer pool. What makes this unique is that our clients get the same service and luxury experience at any price point, which is rare.

What services do you specialize in that addresses our current times?
It’s not a new service, but home preparation on a budget is one that we do very well and is an essential service in the market right now given increased rates and a constricted market.

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