5 Nontoxic Sunscreens to Add to Your Beach Bag This Summer

All images courtesy of the brands

Get that enviable sheen with Vacation’s glistening Chardonnay Oil — it is made from chardonnay grapeseed oil, is SPF 30 and is lightweight, hydrating and paraben free. This sunscreen seems naughty, but is oh so nice. Available at Proof Lab Surf Shop (244 Shoreline Highway, Mill Valley) and www.vacation.inc, $22


Botnia sunscreen in a box

Sausalito-based Botnia Skin Care has just launched Gentle Sun Cream With SPF 30 and it is just as fantastic as you are imagining. Rich in antioxidants, it not only protects your skin from the sun but heals past sun damage, too. It blends beautifully (no chalky cast) and is safe even for the most sensitive skin. Available at www.botniaskincare.com, $56


a bottle of Solara sunscreen

Solara Suncare’s Glow Getter Nutrient Boosted Daily Sunscreen is a mineral SPF 30 and antioxidant moisturizer with a hint of illuminator for that summer glow we all crave. Use it all year round to protect against blue light (digital) and environmental damage. Available at Beauty Heroes (817 Grant Avenue, Novato) or www.beauty-heroes.com, $32


a box of Supergoop sunscreen

When it comes to SPF, more really is more, which is why we love Supergoop’s SPF Bestsellers “Starter” Kit. It contains high-protection products for both face and body (the Glowscreen is a game changer!) and even comes with a convenient carrying case ideal for travel and beach days. Available at Sephora (Corte Madera Town Center) or www.supergoop.com, $30


a bottle of Olita sunscreen

For the little ones — and sensitive skin that burns easily — San Rafael–based Olita’s Baby Organic Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 is the ticket. Quick absorbing, fragrance-free and nontoxic, it is good for your child and the planet. Bonus? It comes in a 3-ounce size so it is TSA-friendly, too. Available at www.olitashop.com, $18 when you subscribe