MIJA’s Sarah Koszyk Demystifies Green Powder Supplements

Sarah Koszyk (Photo courtesy of MIJA)

What are the benefits of adding a green powder supplement to your diet?

Most Americans are deficient in their average micronutrient intake. Micronutrients are important since our diets tend to be comprised of a large amount of calorie-rich, nutrient-poor foods, and many of us are not getting the required nutrition that our bodies need. I work with a lot of people in the Bay Area where we have good access to local, fresh food, but they are still unable to get their recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. And for the few that do get them in, other factors can take a toll on one’s health such as high stress and lack of sleep. Adding a green powder to one’s diet can boost the availability of these nutrients in a quick and concentrated format and give people that extra dose they need to reach daily micronutrient goals.

Are three to five servings of vegetables a day really enough?

This is the minimum daily recommendation, and only one out of 10 adults are actually reaching this low bar, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Considering how beneficial vegetables are and how they positively affect our health and prevent diseases, we should be focusing on getting vegetables in as often as possible. We also need to consider not just the amount, but variety, and include multiple colors of the rainbow because the different colors indicate different nutrients, phytochemicals and antioxidants.

What should we look for in a green powder?

Green powders can be very different, so it’s important to see what yours claims to do to make sure it’s aligned with your expectations. Some are only about alkalizing the body while others may focus on energy. We prefer for our green powder [Superstar] to work more like a modern multivitamin and that’s why MIJA is made from superfoods that are considered nature’s multivitamin. Other than that, it’s important to consider safety. The best way to check is making sure your green powder is third-party tested. This is that extra step to make sure that all the ingredients listed are correct and none contain hidden toxins, chemicals or heavy metals.

Should we be worried about heavy metal content?

Yes, contaminants like heavy metals that may be present in pesticides, soil or even as residue on contaminated ingredients can exist in powdered supplements. And due to the concentration, it can be really dangerous. The scary part is there is no clear oversight on this from the Food and Drug Administration, so brands may unknowingly be using ingredients with toxins, chemicals and other nasty things because of the lack of regulation. It is extremely important to look for supplements that are properly sourced and tested.

Why did you create MIJA?

My co-founder and I started MIJA precisely because there was so little oversight on responsible, scientifically backed supplements. As a former chair of the National Dietetics Group, which is associated with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, I was often consulted or asked to review supplements that were missing the mark. Most nutritionists agree that the majority of commonplace supplements don’t provide significant long-term benefits and that getting nutrients from food sources is optimal. We started from a place of vetting these supplements on the market, as experts, and then developed MIJA as a solution to what was missing — safe, yet meaningful nutrition.

Why is your green powder different?

Superstar is singular because it really delivers a more purposeful, result-oriented experience. Many green powder formulas are put together through marketing, placing “buzzy” herbs in concentrations that are unproven, or worse, unsafe. Or the green powders are loaded with an everything-under-the-kitchen-sink list of ingredients, with the adage that “more is better.” This is not the case. When we were formulating Superstar, we made sure that every ingredient was chosen purposefully, giving the greatest benefits in a streamlined, clinical formula that effectively targets micronutrient deficiencies while promoting optimal gut health and better response to modern-day stressors — meeting the core needs for functional wellness.

What is your favorite way to drink Superstar?

I love the versatility because it can be enjoyed on an empty stomach first thing in the morning or with a meal. Hot or cold. A simple yet delicious favorite is adding it to warm water with honey and lemon. I’ll drink it while taking a few moments to relax, reflect and get charged up for the day.

For more ways to enjoy Superstar, visit www.mijanaturals.com or follow MIJA on Instagram.

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