Sutton Suzuki Architects: Ron Sutton and Elizabeth Suzuki

Photo provided by Sutton Suzuki Architects

A well-designed space has many positive impacts.

Why is good design important?
Design influences what we think and the way we feel. A well-designed space is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it tends to feel more cohesive and can have a positive psychological effect on the user.

What is it about your team that makes it a great choice for clients?
With a diverse team of highly experienced passionate people, we can tackle various aspects of architecture comprehensively. Client-centric and adaptable, we enjoy working collaboratively to achieve solutions.

What sets your design approach apart when it comes to improving a property?
We always offer our clients design options and carefully review the pros and cons of each. Not only does this allow us to explore the possibilities of their unique site, making sure we are capturing the best views, etc., but it also helps us better understand our clients and allows them to consider their own needs and wants more thoughtfully.

What unique services do you offer clients?
Our clients have always benefited from our proactive, and free, initial consultation. We come prepared with the location, of course, the property itself (size of property, slope, adjacencies as well as size of house, if existing) and applicable zoning code. We confirm the jurisdiction and all related zoning info to know as much about the property as we can before meeting with folks.

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