Infinity Vans: Hasan Sume and Cemil Hope

Photo provided by Infinity Vans

Live your best van life with these easy and affordable conversion kits.

What is it about your products that makes them a great choice for clients?
What sets us apart at Infinity Vans is our commitment to revolutionizing van conversions. We provide innovative solutions that make van conversion accessible, efficient and affordable, all without compromising quality. Our focus is on simplifying the conversion process through a comprehensive kit that streamlines every step from design to installation.

Why is good design important?
Good design is paramount in all that we do. Our commitment to exceptional design is influenced by Scandinavian principles of simplicity, functionality and aesthetic appeal. We’ve blended the best of both worlds from Apple’s innovation and Ikea’s practicality to create a unique approach to van customization. Our products embody stylish aesthetics with smart functionality, making van conversions quicker, easier and more cost effective without compromising quality.

What sets Infinity Vans apart from the pack?
What sets Infinity Vans apart is our dedication to innovation and quality. We’re not just van builders; we’re designers, creators and trailblazers committed to transforming van life with ingenuity and excellence. Plus, my bother and I are Marin natives.

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