Jaclyn Christensen: Jaclyn Christensen Design

Photo provided by Jaclyn Christensen

Interior design delivered with a personal touch.

What is it about your business that makes it a great choice for clients inside and out of home?

As a professional in the home redesign industry, I take pride in my ability to interpret my clients’ needs, even when they may not possess a deep understanding of design concepts themselves. I firmly believe that homes can be aesthetically pleasing, even with the presence of a busy family and small children.

What sets your approach apart when it comes to improving property?

My approach revolves around building a personal rapport with my clients, getting to know their lifestyle and understanding their values. We collaborate on style preferences right from the outset to ensure mutual understanding. Throughout the project, I design with the client’s aesthetic in mind, while bringing my unique perspective.

What new services in interior design do you offer?

I am pleased to announce exciting new options for clients who are new to working with a designer or have limited resources to embark on a full-service project. These packages are tailored to smaller undertakings, such as assisting with space layouts, selecting color schemes and materials for minor renovations, and adding the finishing touches to spaces that require a professional touch. These offerings are designed to provide a high level of service for clients in need of a more attainable design solution. I’m thrilled to introduce these new packages to you.

How are you addressing some of the new design trends?

Minimalism has emerged as a significant trend in interior design, offering a unique opportunity to elevate a space by emphasizing each piece of furniture or design element. By focusing on quality over quantity, an intentional approach to design can create a beautiful and understated space that does not feel overdone.

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