Allison Salzer: Compass

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Maximize your return on invest with this experienced agent.

What sets you apart when it comes to improving/staging property?

When working with my clients, I take a comprehensive approach to property improvement and staging. This involves conducting two market analyses: one that assesses the property’s current value “as is” without improvements, and another that evaluates the potential value after the proposed improvements. By presenting the property in this way, my clients can make informed decisions about the extent of improvements they want to pursue in order to prepare the property for the market. In addition to the market analyses, I also create a spreadsheet that outlines improvement options and their associated costs. For every dollar invested in the property, my goal is to ensure a minimum 2x return on investment. Most of the projects I undertake are able to achieve a 5x.

What new services in staging do you offer?

As a real estate professional, I have a deep knowledge of what style is trending, what buyers are looking for, and what they will pay up for. My job is to map out the big picture to achieve the highest value for my client’s home. Once we have the concept, I bring in my vast team of professionals from plumbers to designers to create the final product. My value add is that I create the plan and then manage the project from day one to ensure we are on track and on budget.

How are you disrupting your industry and thinking outside the box?

With a diverse background in finance and remodeling, I offer a fresh and unique approach to real estate transactions. I understand that not every buyer can afford the median-priced homes in Marin County, and I am skilled at guiding clients through the process. Starting with a comprehensive budget consultation, I connect clients with specialized lenders who can find the right program for their needs. Additionally, my design expertise and extensive remodeling experience enable me to provide actionable ideas to transform a fixer-upper into a dream home.

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