Amanda Michael: Jane/Marin

Photo provided by Jane/Marin

The holidays aren’t complete without freshly baked desserts.

What unique items are you offering for the holidays?
We are offering the traditional Jane’s Sweet Things Pies, cakes and tarts along with Jane’s wide range of hearth baked breads. Our Thanksgiving Menu is available now to pre-order and includes classics like pumpkin, apple and pecan pies alongside gluten-free cakes and pies, dinner rolls and more.

What makes your business a leader during the holidays?
We have a long history of providing top quality baked goods for all kinds of holiday gatherings (as well as to enjoy “just because”). Everything is made by hand and with top quality ingredients. Our staff is deeply committed to baking the best products for our community.

What are you offering this season that sets you apart?
This year we have added Jane Bread to our Marin menu. We have a wide variety of top-quality artisan breads to add to your meals and events. Jane is known for our excellent baguettes, sourdough and more and we have some great holiday flavors on the menu this year. Our breads are a perfect complement for any meal.

How are you helping patrons make the most out of their holiday gathering experience?
Gathering with friends and family is the most important part of the holiday season. We love to be a part of celebrations through our breads and desserts.

Jane/Marin | One Blackfield Drive, Tiburon, CA 94920