Unveiling a Season of Spectacular Events at Marin Theatre Company

As the curtains rise on an exciting new theatrical season, we’re thrilled to share a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the captivating world that awaits you. At Marin Theatre Company, we believe that the magic of theatre extends far beyond the stage. From cherished traditions to groundbreaking innovations, our lineup of special events during the run of Odyssey promises an unforgettable journey.


Window on the Work: Free at Mill Valley Public Library

Join us on Monday, August 28, for Window on the Work. In collaboration with the Mill Valley Public Library, this insightful event delves into the intricacies of theater creation. Discover the nuances, challenges, and triumphs that culminate in the magic you witness on stage. Reserve your spot today for this enlightening encounter of minds and artistry.


Stage Door Evenings: Uniting Art and Community

On Friday, September 8, our Stage Door Evening invites you to linger a little longer in the realm of creativity. Following the performance, immerse yourself in an ambiance of camaraderie and connection. Savor goodies from our partner Good Earth Natural Foods, indulge in drinks, and engage with the very artists who crafted the show. It’s a celebration of community, an opportunity to bond over shared experiences and an evening that bridges the gap between audience and artist. No RSVP required – your subscription or Odyssey ticket is your key to this exclusive soiree.


The Process Talkback: Behind the Scenes of Creation

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 13, as we unravel the artistic process with The Process Talkback. Embark on a post-show exploration that delves into the meticulous artistry and creative genius required to bring a play to life. A captivating conversation that unveils the secrets of the stage, this event is a tribute to the dedication and passion that culminate in every performance.


Hot Topic Talkback: Provoking Thought and Discourse

Join us on Wednesday, September 20, for a Hot Topic Talkback that fuels insightful discourse. Centered around a pivotal theme from the play, this post-show discussion will explore the theme’s resonance, offering thought-provoking insights that ignite dialogue and introspection.


Wine Tasting with Tessier: A Prelude to Excellence

On Saturday, September 23, prepare your palate for a sensory journey with Wine Tasting with Tessier. Set the stage for an exceptional evening with pre-show libations and conviviality. Share a tasting flight with friends and fellow enthusiasts, savoring delectable, organic, local wines and paired snacks. Subscribers receive a 15 percent discount on special event tickets to this event and additional show tickets, allowing you to extend the invitation to your loved ones — the perfect prelude to a night of theatrical brilliance.


Perspectives Matinee: A Glimpse into the Play’s Universe

For our matinee lovers, don’t miss our accessibility performance with closed captions and pre-show gathering, Perspectives, on Thursday, September 21. This enchanting encounter introduces you to the creative minds weaving the narrative tapestry. Immerse yourself in the world of the play, gaining insights that enrich your perspective and enhance your theater experience.


We look forward to your presence as we launch our 23–24 season with Odyssey, written and directed by Lisa Peterson. See you at the theater!