North Lake Tahoe’s Slopes Are Open — and Safer Than Ever

Courtesy of North Lake Tahoe Convention and Visitors Bureau

Grab the skis and snowboards: North Lake Tahoe ski resorts are open (with capacity and lift restrictions), as are activity providers, retail (20 percent in-store capacity) and restaurants (takeout only), while at the time of writing, lodging on the California side was closed until January 1 (although it is open on the Nevada side). Traveling for two to three hours in your car to access the resorts is allowed under state guidelines.

“There is something so powerful about being in the mountains and breathing fresh air,” says North Lake Tahoe Director of Global Communications Liz Bowling. “There is a sense of normalcy to it. A sense of ‘I come here every year, this is where I go to connect with myself and disconnect with the rest of the world,’ and you are still able to do that.”

Courtesy of North Lake Tahoe Convention and Visitors Bureau

But Bowling also stresses the need to adhere to new safety protocols that are in place and urges those thinking about a trip to check out the Know Before You Go webpage first.

“Resorts in North Lake Tahoe have been working diligently since March to ensure their operations can adhere to current public health and safety requirements,” she adds. “Our resorts offer organized outdoor recreation in controlled environments to manage physical distancing, and a number of new safety protocols are in place.”

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