Marin Shines in the Springtime Through the Eyes of This Photographer

All photos by Jeff Lewis

I’m a landscape photo artist based in Novato. I specialize in unique, emotional storytelling that resonates with each of us. With my current focus, Awaken Marin, I hope to inspire all of us to love and explore this amazing place we get to call home. A crucial part of making a stunning photo is being in the right place at the right time, when the light is perfect. As a degreed meteorologist leading the field of “scenic meteorology,” I use satellite images, weather models, and our own in-house patented Escaype cloud and light model to predict when and where the best light will occur. This is how I’m able to maximize my time spent with stunning light and help other photographers enjoy it, too. I’ve found endless inspiration in the natural areas surrounding Marin, and I’m excited to share the scenes I’ve come across.

I feel a deep connection to trees and valley oaks are some of my favorites. Every tree has such an intimate story to tell for anyone who stops to listen. This tree (above) reminds me of a guardian, fostering a space for others to grow and thrive.


fog over Marin county

This particular evening in the Marin Headlands showcases so many of the things that make Marin special: our spring wildflowers, vibrant green hillsides, city views, Goldie, and of course, our friendly, free coastal A/C flowing over the hills.


a single tree in the middle of a green fieldOn one of the first hikes I took in Novato I stumbled upon this perfect tree. One spring afternoon I visited again to reflect and search for inspiration with everything so full of life. If this tree could speak, I wonder, what might it be telling us?


West Marin hills at sunset

West Marin is packed with picture-perfect hikes that are ideal for enjoying some of the most spectacular vistas in Coast Miwok territory. This particular view overlooks a seemingly infinite expanse of Nicasio’s rolling hills, carpeted in green velvet.


a deer on a path overlooking San Francisco

My partner Tung and I were hiking around the top of Angel Island when several deer heads popped up over a ridge in the distance. We paused to give them space. Then one of the deer starts making its way down the trail toward us. It strolls around the corner and stops in front of us with this curious look. I guess … hello? The deer eventually scoots up the hill and we wave goodbye, thankful to have encountered a beautiful, curious animal in such an amazing place.


waterfalls on Mount Tamalpais

I took this photo on the side of Mount Tam after the first big rain of the season. After a long, dry summer, it’s incredible to watch the creeks and greenery spring to life. Just like in our lives, the seeds are planted; all we have to do is water them.


sunset over Marin hills

Many of us Marinites drive this stretch of 101 often, perhaps every day. We crest the hill and see the Sleeping Lady in all her majesty. While wandering in my local Novato hills one day, I discovered this view that captured the fond feeling. I’ve returned many times, but this particular evening is my favorite. It made me grin ear to ear and say out loud, “I love where I live!”

Jeff Lewis specializes in custom, ultra-high-resolution images that demand perfect detail and are ready to display in large prints and digital applications. The images seen here and many others are available for purchase at Or maybe you are a photographer who is ready to take your passion to the next level? If you are interested in joining the weather service and community for local artists visit