Effortless Island Living

Victoria Ward Park and The Park Ward Village

Esteemed landscape architect Don Vita seamlessly blends the natural and the built at a new residential offering in Honolulu.

The Park Ward Village, ideally located between Downtown Honolulu and Waikīkī, is surrounded by nature. Think the beach, a multipurpose boat harbor, wide-open green spaces and lush gardens. Inspired by the principles of midcentury-modern design, the residence embraces and creates harmony between the interior spaces and natural outdoor scenes. Don Vita, Principal, VITA Planning & Landscape Architecture Inc., took inspiration from Hawai‘i’s stunning surroundings, creating inviting spaces that encourage a connection to people and to nature, therefore, contributing to residents’ overall well-being.

The Level 8 Amenity Deck is a place for both activity and relaxation. It’s a place that puts the allure of the island on display — the buzz of the city, the sparkling Pacific Ocean and the picturesque Victoria Ward Park. “It’s a private lānai with pools, fragrant tropical gardens, recreation amenities and secluded dining cabanas with views of the ocean and park, providing a welcome respite from the active street scene below. It’s this combination of activity and tranquility, of public life and private sanctuary, that make The Park [Ward Village] a truly unique residential experience,” says Vita. Here, the relationship between the building and the environment has been carefully designed, and as a result, your connection to your surroundings can be felt on this expansive lānai, within your home and as you move throughout the building.

The adjacent park is ideal for a leisurely stroll, a picnic, a workout, or really, whatever your heart desires. You can find a comfortable spot to revel in the trade winds and let your mind wander as you relax under a monkeypod tree.

Offered by Ward Village Properties, LLC RB-21701