Brenda Way and Kimi Okada: ODC

Photos provided by ODC

A Company, School, Theater and Health Clinic that is open to dancers and movers of all ages and levels.

What makes your team visionaries in your field?
Brenda: We imagined a permanent home for contemporary dance. One that was welcoming to all, professionals, aspiring professionals, youth, seniors and movers of all ages and inclinations. One that did not silo professionals from amateurs as was the dominant tradition years ago. We set out to create an environment of creativity, rigor and joy.

Kimi: The breadth of ODC’s cultural programming has been key to its unique identity for decades. The art that ODC creates, nurtures and supports, challenges and expands upon the classical traditions of the dance form. Experimentation and exploration are key to ODC’s institutional ethos. ODC School honors and respects multiple dance genres in a noncompetitive and body positive environment that is welcoming to all ages and levels.

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