A Wine-Filled Reading List to Fuel Your Summer Days

“At Home in the Wine Country: Architecture & Design in the California Vineyards” (courtesy of Gibbs Smith)

At Home in the Wine Country: Architecture & Design in the California Vineyards (Gibbs Smith) by Heather Sandy Hebert and Chase Reynolds Ewald

If you are as enamored with Wine Country’s architecture and design as we are, then you won’t want to miss this love letter to the region’s style. Co-author and Larkspur resident Heather Hebert says, “We feature homes from throughout the Northern California Wine Country, including Sonoma, Napa and Monterey counties, designed by some of the most talented architects and interior designers in the region.” 

The book pays particular attention to the joys of indoor-outdoor living. If you don’t own a home in Wine Country, this book will most certainly inspire you to start looking. Out on August 24 

"The Essential Napa Valley Cookbook"
"The Essential Napa Valley Cookbook" (courtesy of Jess Lander)

The Essential Napa Valley Cookbook by Jess Lander

After a pandemic and fire ravaged 2020, wine and food journalist Jess Lander was looking for a way to help to her community. “I stumbled upon a couple of cookbook projects done in other cities during the pandemic and I thought, ‘We should do this for Napa,’” she says. So she went about collecting recipes from the most sought-after chefs in the area and got to work. The recipes are as diverse as Wine Country itself and each suggests a local wine pairing. 

“Our biggest goal was to ensure that each recipe is doable by the average home cook. I wanted people to actually use this book, not just have it collect dust on a shelf,” she says. 

And the best part? All of the profits will be donated, with 75 percent going directly to Napa Valley restaurant workers and 25 percent of the proceeds going to Feed Napa Now.