3 Doctor-Recommended Skin Treatments to Try Right Now

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As a woman in her early 40s, my ideal morning beauty routine would consist of washing my face, applying a two-in-one moisturizer and SPF, and throwing on some mascara before heading out the door. However, all those years spent in the sun perfecting my sun-kissed look as a teen and twenty-something has left my skin in a less-than-perfect state. I think my quest for natural beauty is a shared one — eating well, getting enough sleep and managing stress through self-care should, in theory, allow me to be the best version of myself, even on my daily Zoom calls. But let’s talk about those video calls, because the so-called “Zoom effect” is real. 

Pre-pandemic, we spent countless hours in face-to-face meetings, at bars and restaurants socializing (in flattering light, might I add) and, for most of us, very little time staring at our own faces on a 13-inch screen. Oh, how times have changed. In the last 12 months, we have become more in tune with our appearance and more critical of our (alleged) flaws than with the carefree “look in the mirror before you leave for work and not again until you wash your face before bed” we may have enjoyed BC (before Covid). So what are we to do?

Local cosmetic doctors are finding that less is more when it comes to client requests in the age of Zoom. The new technology is less invasive, has minimal to no downtime and is giving people the boost in self-confidence that our work-from-home selves are craving. Erase fine lines? Even out skin tone? Wake up to thirtysomething skin again? Yes, please. Here’s a look at some of the newest and most sought-after treatments in and around Marin.


Dr. Faye Jamali of Belle Marin Aesthetic Medicine

Which skin issues is this treatment used for? 
Hyperpigmentation (brown spots), redness, uneven skin tone and antiaging.

What is it about this technology that makes it unique?
BBL Hero stands for BroadBand Light, High Energy Rapid Output. It is the biggest breakthrough in laser and light technology in 20 years. Unlike traditional IPL (intense pulsed light), this requires no numbing, has three times more energy and is four times faster. It can easily and rapidly treat not only the face but anywhere on the body with no downtime. It can also address texture and smoothness of skin, which the old-fashioned IPL does not. 

Are there any added benefits?
It accurately targets the genetic expression of skin molecules associated with aging, stimulating your body’s natural ability to regenerate healthy, new, younger-looking skin. By having this treatment three to four times a year, your skin will look better, have a more even tone and appear more youthful year after year.

Who is requesting this treatment? 
Mostly women, and patients desiring more even skin tone and a reversal of the signs of sun damage.

What do you personally like about this treatment? 
It’s painless for the patients and gives fast and amazing results with no downtime.

Doctors Karron L. Power, Chris Bacchi, and Faye Jamali
All photos courtesy of doctors Karron L. Power (left), Chris Bacchi (center) and Faye Jamali (right)

TREATMENT #2: ScarLet 

Chris Bacchi, M.D. of Marin Medical Aesthetics 

Is this a new treatment you are offering?

We have recently added ScarLet to our medical clinic menu. It is a new technology utilizing microneedling paired with radiofrequency.

Do you think the fact that most of us now spend a lot of time on Zoom has contributed to the popularity of this treatment?
Many of our patients have said they are seeing their face more than ever before as a result of working from home on Zoom calls. Any little thing that was bothering them before about their appearance is now seen more frequently. In addition, they know others are seeing their face more often.

What issues does this treatment address most effectively?
ScarLet nonsurgically addresses dark circles under the eyes, droopy eyelids, wrinkly necks, crepey chest skin, and can even be used for scalp lifts.

What is it about this technology that drew you to it initially?
What is remarkable about this procedure is that it is a very comfortable, relatively fast procedure without any bleeding, and immediate results can be seen. There is little to no downtime with no side effects. Because this procedure stimulates collagen production, additional results can be seen weeks after.

Is there any type of skin that you would not recommend this treatment for?
Unlike some laser or light-based therapies, ScarLet is safe on all skin types.


Karron L. Power, M.D., MPH, ABAARM of PowerMD

Have you seen an uptick in patients asking for this treatment?
Yes, video calls have increased people’s awareness of what their faces look like from different perspectives. People see a photo or a video taken from a low angle and, for the first time, notice a double chin. Looking down at a computer screen emphasizes a double chin and makes the jowls on either side of the mouth appear more prominent. 

Who is asking for this procedure?
It is most popular with men seeking a stronger, more masculine chin and jaw structure; women looking to shrink and lift jowls and sharpen the jawline; or younger people who are seeing the early signs of tech neck, the bunching of skin and fat that develops under the chin from looking down at electronic devices for extended periods of time. 

What is really appealing to you, as a doctor, about Kybella?
I can delete unwanted volume as easily as I can add volume to refine facial features, improve symmetry and restore youthful proportions. Now that it’s part of my age-fighting arsenal, I can achieve transformative results with simple, noninvasive, in-office treatments. 

What does recovery look like?
Patients will likely have some swelling, bruising or numbness under the chin. There will be swelling immediately after the initial treatment and a recovery time of six weeks to see the final results of the procedure.