Walk on Marin’s Wild Side With Wildlife Photographer Elyse Omernick

California Coyote (All photos by Elyse Omernick)

Coyotes are masters of disguise and extremely smart animals. This photograph, taken in Larkspur, happened by pure luck, as I like to think the clovers represent in the image. I love its intense stare, which made me feel quite connected with him in that moment. 

My family and I were camping in northern Marin County when I heard these little jewels singing next to the nearby stream. Wilson’s warblers travel up to the Pacific coast and Canada during the spring and summer months to nest and raise their young.

Bald eagles are making a comeback in Marin. Until recently, they were not known to nest within our county, but we are starting to see more and more pairs and successful nests over the past few years. 

Every winter, elephant seals arrive at the southern beaches of Point Reyes National Seashore for their birthing and mating seasons. This is a male “bull” elephant seal vocalizing his dominance, as there was another bull nearby.

I monitor many nests throughout Marin County through my work with the Marin Audubon Society. This photo is special to me because it was taken on the day this youngster left the nest for the first time.

This is a male bobcat hunting in tall grass during the evening hours. It is important to give these majestic cats plenty of space and keep your visits short so as to not interrupt them. Building trust with an animal takes time, but when the trust is established, it’s magical. 

Elyse Omernick is a wildlife, landscape and portrait photographer living in Marin County. She leverages her background in illustration and animation, combined with her love for the outdoors, to create each photograph. Omernick serves on the board of directors for the Marin Audubon Society, where she focuses her efforts on northern spotted owl conservation and outreach.