Troy Luchessi: Vanguard Properties

Troy Luchessi (Photo provided by Vanguard Properties)

Construction experience, honesty and a client focus set this agent apart.

What makes you a trailblazer?
I developed my drive and work ethic at an early age working for my family’s businesses and real estate investments. I started investing in and flipping Bay Area properties in the ’90s. I learned every facet of home buying and selling while also undertaking major renovations, project management and architectural design. I can suggest thoughtful design finishes and solutions and advise clients on the best return on their residential investments.

Describe how you use innovation to stay ahead of the pack.
I believe every home is as unique as its owners. My extensive knowledge in construction and design put me ahead of the rest. I know how to navigate any transaction and will guide clients through any crossroads we encounter. I am patient and can be trusted to help you get across the finish line.

How are you boldly paving the way in your industry?
It always comes down to the truth. One of my other skills is having my pulse on the market and knowing what my clients want and need. There are so many hoops to jump through, but I am always 10 steps ahead and discuss those items with clients to make sure they go into every transaction with eyes wide open.

Troy Luchessi, Vanguard Properites | 352 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941 | 415.902.8769 | | /@ciaotroy | DRE #01322760