Tim Moran: Presidio Classics

Presidio Classics

Presidio Classics offers window shades that are hand-woven from the highest quality fibers.

What is it about your business that makes it a great choice for clients?

As a manufacturer of natural-fiber custom window shades, we work directly with design professionals to create the best offering and value for their clients.

What sets your business apart in home and design?

Our shades are hand-woven by artisans with decades of experience producing the highest quality design.

People spent a lot of time at home this past year, are many choosing this time to do remodels and upgrades?

The design industry has been really busy this past year or so. People working from home are depending on design professionals more than ever to make their homes beautiful.

Presidio Classics

2938 Lyon Street, San Francisco, CA
94123 | 415.429.8960 | tim@presidioclassics.com
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