The Cost of Rising Sea Levels in the Bay Area

A new study is highlighting the dangers posed to the San Francisco Bay shoreline as the sea level continues to rise and how much it will cost to address this issue. Homes, businesses, highways, sewage treatment plants and other key parts of infrastructure will need protection from sea level rise over the next generation.


$110 billion Estimated cost of protection by 2050

$5 billion The amount of money currently in hand for necessary projects

$236 billion Amount of property at risk if nothing is done

75,000 Local households at risk

200,000 Local jobs at risk

2.1 °F Global temperature rise since 1880

8 The number of inches that S.F. Bay has risen since the mid-1800s

4 feet Estimated rise of the S.F. Bay by 2100

10 miles Length of sea wall to be built around SFO to prevent runway storm flooding

$90 million Property tax hike approved in Foster City in 2018 to raise its levee

$12 Amount per parcel of annual tax in the Bay Area. Approved by voters in 2016, Measure AA has already funded dozens of wetlands restoration projects.