Super Scoopers Battle the Woodward Fire in Point Reyes

Super Scooper in Point Reyes (photo by Nicole Pagan)

On August 24, Nicole Pagan, who was visiting from Los Angeles, captured this shot of first
responders flying over Tomales Bay transporting water to help extinguish the growing Woodward Fire in Point Reyes. “I had just spent two weeks exploring this special seaside town and had
fallen in love with all of its wild beaches and magical trails,” she says. “I felt devastated but also hopeful watching the Super Scoopers at work — two of them were tirelessly making rounds every 10 minutes all day. I know everyone felt reassured by their presence and so grateful for their
heroic efforts.” Here are a few resources to help support these intrepid firefighters and those
affected by the fires: Wildland Firefighter Foundation, California Fire Foundation’s SAVE program, California Community Foundation and the American Red Cross.

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