San Anselmo’s Longway Offers New Community Space

Something fun has just popped up in San Anselmo. Local retailer Longway (formerly Neve and Hawk, 641 San Anselmo Avenue) has teamed up with outdoor design studio OR.CA to install the town’s first permanent parklet. Longway owner Kris Galmarini says the intention behind creating the space was community. “The parklet is an answer to a lack of seating capability in our coffee shop due to Covid, but it’s also an answer to life in general. We need community now more than ever, and this provides that in one of the most beautiful ways I could have ever imagined.”

The pieces in this beautifully designed cedar seating area are oiled in various warm tones to echo the rolling golden hills of Central Marin, where the store is situated. Working with Molly Sedlacek, OR.CA’s founder, was a dream, says Galmarini. “I trusted her vision and knew she would create a magical space for not only us, but our town — a place people can come, smile, feel good and safely be with others.” So what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of java and see for yourself.