Sahra Brandt: Shop the City

Sahra Brandt (Photo provided by Shop the City)

Now is the perfect time to break out of your style mold.

What is it about you that makes you groundbreaking?
I’m here to break ground on trends, style and most important — your limiting beliefs when it comes to what you think you can and cannot wear. So many of my clients these days are stuck in a rut of not knowing what to wear or not thinking things look good, and I’m here to help you break the cycle and find what works best for you. This could be timeless elegance, casual pieces that fit your work leisure lifestyle, or trend-forward styles to  keep you at the forefront of your stylish friend group.

What makes women so effective at customer relations?
Women can be highly emotional, and it’s not always a bad thing. Being empathetic, a patient listener and someone who understands emotion can help women business owners really add that emotional connection.

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