Ron Sutton and Elizabeth Suzuki: Sutton Suzuki Architects

Photo provided by Sutton Suzuki Architects

An experienced and passionate architecture team that delivers for clients.

What is it about your team that makes it a great choice for clients?

No one person can do it all. We are lucky to have a team of professionals who possess a wide range of experience. Some bring a deep understanding of construction methods, others contribute innovative design solutions, or have a detailed understanding of codes and know who to talk to at every agency.


What sets your approach apart?

The diverse experience of our team leads to an intense exchange of ideas, a meticulous search for solutions and an innovative approach to design. We always give our clients design options and carefully talk through the pros and cons of each. Not only does this allow us to explore the possibilities of their unique site, but it also helps us get to know our clients more intimately and allows them to think more deeply about their own needs and wants.


What new services do you offer?

At our free, initial consultation we confirm the jurisdiction and all related zoning information. We educate ourselves about the location and size of property, the slope, adjacencies as well as size of house, if existing, and applicable zoning codes. We come fully prepared to address the clients’ needs and concerns, and to help them make their vision a reality.


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