Renzo and Crystal Azzarello: Luna Blu

Renzo and Crystal Azzarello

Escape to your dining home-away-from home.

What makes your team visionaries in their field?
I believe one of our greatest talents is our ability to make food an experience. It is the difference between a person just feeding themselves or the experience of someone going out, who doesn’t just want to eat but wants to try different things that they could never try at home. The joy for us is making the guest happy.

How does your team’s vision manifest itself in your business practice?
The past two years have seen challenges in our ability to hire and retain staff. It is no secret that this is a huge operational challenge we are facing right now. This means we as restaurant owners need our business to have strong cultural values if we have any chance of hiring and retaining great staff. My wife Crystal and I came to recognize our core values are what has become our greatest recruiting tool.

What separates you or your business from the pack?
We give our customers a reason to return by offering them a unique and memorable dining experience that they won’t get anywhere else. We believe that by creating a sense of community, we have transformed Luna Blu from a mere eating place to a place where people go to eat and socialize.

Luna Blu
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