Rebecca Yudice: R&R Design Studio

Rebecca Yudice (Photo provided by R&R Design Studio)

Trust these designers to deliver a better build experience.

What sets you and your business apart from the pack?
Our team’s ability to be the backbone, with other strategic partners, of a full turnkey approach to our clients’ project is what sets R&R Design Studio apart from the pack. We start at pre-construction/concept and provide solutions as we set out on an adventure together, ending wit  the last piece of art hung to the final dish put away in the cabinet. R&R Design Studio is present every step of the way, helping our clients work with multiple consultants that are required at each phase of the project.

How are you disrupting your industry?
R&R Design Studio and Development disrupts the normal by taking a holistic approach to empowering our clients to be at the reins of their own project. In today’s volatile construction times, we build the project’s master team by developing trust and demanding transparency and timeliness from all involved. We are not just an interior design firm, we build change and trust with grace and ease so the client never knows anything but a smooth experience.

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