Randy Martin: Trailscape

Randy Martin (Photo provided by Trailscape)

Let this professional team build a custom trail that will provide enjoyment for decades and protect your family from fire.

What makes your team trailblazers?
Trailblazing has a literal meaning in our industry. Our skilled crews specialize in revealing breathtaking vistas, enjoyable meanders and providing access to previously inaccessible land. We are also experts at utilizing our trail construction to double as fire breaks, protecting our clients’ families, homes and property from fire.

Describe how you use innovation and to stay ahead of the pack.
While it may appear that trail construction is simple “landscaping,” this is not the case. Trail building is both art and science. The art part is augmenting the natural beauty and giving the user a sense of flow. Our clients frequently inquire as to how we are able create a path through seemingly impossible terrain — it is due to our experienced crews and specialized equipment. In our arsenal of tools we have everything from jackhammers for breaking rock to small percussion charges.

How do you offer your clients the ultimate in customer service?
We raise the bar by making sure we hire good, solid people. Our crews are made up of people who care, people who communicate well, and people who listen, listen, listen so that we can give our clients exactly what they want and exceed their expectations.

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