Quezada Architecture (QA): Women- and minority-owned architectural design firm

Squalo Vino, Tiburon (Photo by Jason O’Rear)

These designers create spaces that enrich the human experience.

What are you doing to stay connected?
When we work with local clientele, we do everything we can to specify products or custom fixturing that supports this community. Not only is this the most sustainable option, it grounds the project to this incredible place we call home. One such example is the one-of-a-kind steel shelving system installed at Squalo Vino in Tiburon.

What should people to know about your business?
Relationships are core to our business. For design to be successful, we dig deep with our clients to understand their brand and lifestyle, and craft an experience that is tailored to them. Projects can take time, so it’s important to love your architect through the process.

Quezada Architecture, WBE/MBE | 639 Front Street, 1st Floor | San Francisco, CA 94111 | 415.331.5133 | info@qa-us.com | www.qa-us.com | /@quezada_architecture