Pollinators Find a New Home in Healdsburg Sanctuary

Photo by Anthony Colangelo

Often touted for its Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Russian River Chardonnay, Jordan Winery is now embarking on a new endeavor — becoming the largest and most diverse pollinator sanctuary in the country. The multiyear planting scheme is set to initially transform eight acres (expected to grow to 10 acres over three years) of non-native grassland into a coveted habitat for pollinators, including the vulnerable western monarch butterfly (Jordan is situated on their migratory path), bees, moths and other insects. So far, more than 3,400 plants, encompassing about 100 species, have been planted.

“We kept reading more and more news articles about the dwindling population numbers of western monarchs. We know that many pollinators have lost their habitat due to wildfires over the last five years, and we felt like we had the land, the support of John [Jordan] and the will to do something,” says Lisa Mattson, director of marketing and communications for Jordan Winery.

Want to experience the magic for yourself? Try the Vineyard Hike, a four-mile adventure that includes a seated charcuterie picnic lunch, salad from the chef’s garden and, of course, a wine pairing ($110 per person). Or book a spot on The Estate Tour & Tasting ($135 per person), which launches this month (available through October) and takes guests on a culinary adventure around the ranch, passing the pollinator habitats along the way.

“Many people don’t realize that some pollinators only eat or lay eggs on specific plants,” Mattson adds. “We were able to take open spaces that were filled with grass, some weeds and volunteer wildflowers and gently transform them by adding plants with purpose.” 

Photo by Anthony Colangelo