Phil McDougall: Train for Life/Wellforce

Phil McDougall (Photo provided by Train for Life/Wellforce)

The ultimate in personal training for individuals and remote corporate wellness for businesses.

What makes you a trailblazer?
I help professionals between the ages of 35 and 65 optimize their lifestyle habits, ergonomics, nutrition and physical training, with the goal of helping them maintain health and independence at 80 years old. I want people to become stronger versions of themselves and to be able to handle anything that life throws at them.

What separates you from the pack?
An extremely broad range of experience and education has formed my philosophy and unique methods for training people. I was an elite-level triathlete, Royal Marines Commando, massage therapist, rehabilitation specialist and the wellness director for a tech company. I’m a certified instructor in a vast range of exercise disciplines and I utilize whichever ones serve my clients most effectively.

What services do you offer businesses?
I launched Wellforce, which shows business leaders how to implement effective and quantifiable wellness solutions and how to relate them directly to employees to make them more productive.

What makes Wellforce different?
Wellforce has a number of impactful and innovative wellness services and products available such as unique team building sessions for off-sites and a transformational 12-week coaching course.

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