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A holistic approach to health and fitness.

What makes you a trailblazer?

I’m a real-world strength trainer and massage therapist. I help professionals aged 35 to 65 optimize their daily movement habits, ergonomics and training routines to become stronger versions of themselves.

What separates you from the pack?

I was an elite triathlete, Royal Marines Commando, global educator for medical professionals and trainers, and the wellness director for a tech company in S.F. I’m a certified instructor in a vast range of exercise disciplines and I utilize whichever ones serve my clients most effectively.

How are you thinking outside the box?

I’ve recently launched a corporate wellness business called Wellforce. I provide a plethora of wellness services including remote wellness webinars, off-site enhancement, ergonomic consultations and lunch ‘n’ learns.

Have you launched any new products?

I’m excited to announce the forth- coming launch of the Wellforce mobile app. It takes users’ individual requirements and prescribes movement snacks (short bouts of nourishing movements) at the times they want them. We are beta testing, but it will be available to a wider audience soon. Please go to the Wellforce website ( and subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

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