Peacock Gap Golf Club: Chef John Evans

Photo provided by Peacock Gap

Fine dining in the restaurant is better after a game of golf.

Tell us about your culinary history?
I graduated from of the California Culinary Academy and worked under renowned celebrity chef Kat Cora. Before coming to Peacock Gap, I worked for Claremont Club and Spa in Berkeley and Postino Restaurant. I have a passion for delivering an awarding-winning culinary experience accented by amazing wine

How have you elevated the post-golf dining experience?
We have created an experience that is all about the perfect round of golf, the perfect cocktail and being able to have something really delicious to eat. It used to be that we only offered the traditional club fare like a club sandwich and cobb salad, but we decided to completely change the mood by restyling the menu. We have added international dishes with a Mediterranean flare. We are excited that the menu changed because it reflects that our demographic has changed. It now veers to the younger as well as the traditional set, as we are adapting to a younger, cooler and family-oriented clientele.

How is Peacock Gap staying connected to the community?
Golf communities have changed a lot since the pandemic and are seeing an influx of families with children. Whereas in traditional clubs the menus and manners were more rigid, Peacock Gap has adapted to younger families. Offering live music, trivia nights, golf and holiday activities for all ages fills the fun post-pandemic deficit. This month, buy a $100 gift card and get a $25 bonus for yourself to use in January/February.

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