Payam Ghafoori: Compass

Payam Ghafoori

A true visionary is always one step ahead.

What makes you a visionary in your field?
As a visionary in my field, I have exceptional communication skills. Knowing how to verbalize the goals of my clientele is essential. Communication isn’t just one-sided. A visionary leader is also an active listener. Like a chess player, visionaries plan ahead to make the best business moves. Also, implementing strategic planning is paramount and involves creating an action plan with a particular strategy in mind. My strategies are designed to take my clientele toward their ultimate vision.

Do you have a notable history in the Bay Area?
I was born into a family of real estate investors in the Bay Area, my passion for real estate started at a young age. As a native to Marin County, San Francisco and the East Bay, I’ve ascertained every inch of the respective geographic areas and have complete knowledge of them. I grew up in Tiburon and my wife and I are currently raising our own family in Marin County.

Why is it important to have a clear vision for your business?
A clear vision sets a standard of brilliance and execution, which will force your business to stretch. Being positive, specific and ambitious with your vision propels the entire business forward to a successful outcome. The impetus of setting a vision is twofold: it’s there to generate a long-term strategy for where the business is going; secondly, it’s meant to align everyone around the business’ trajectory.

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