Newton Vineyard 

Get to know a mountainside  vineyard with a rich legacy and  exceptional wines. 

What unique wines are you offering  for the holidays? 

For us at Newton Vineyard, the  holiday season is always about  celebrating the release of the latest  vintage of our hallmark wine, The  Puzzle 2018. For winemaker Andrew  Holve, crafting The Puzzle is always an  incredible challenge. “The Puzzle is a  historical wine for us, made since the  early ’90s. This 2018 vintage is a reve lation of our Spring Mountain estate,  and a testament to the combined  effort of the winemaking and vineyard  team to work in coordination.” 

How are you helping patrons make  the most out of their gift giving and  holiday gathering experience?  This year, we have compiled a special  holiday selection catalogue featuring  a trio of The Puzzle 2018 and our  best wines that can be ordered via  our webstore. We also now have the  option to gift a membership to our  wine club, The Newton Circle. 

Now that guests can come visit your  establishment again, how are you  making them feel welcome? 

As we rebuild our winery and tasting  room atop Spring Mountain, we are  currently welcoming guests for private  experiences at Brasswood Village, St.  Helena. This was an important step for  us to stay connected to our community  and continue to share our wines. 

Newton Vineyard 

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