Music’s Back in Fairfax

Photo courtesy of HenHouse Brewing

Famous for live music every night of the week, Fairfax during Covid has suffered a tough blow, but the music is once again playing at downtown Fairfax establishments. Joyful returns include Peri’s Bar, now called Peri’s Tavern, fully renovated and with an updated sound system, and 19 Broadway, now known as Mac’s at 19 Broadway, under new ownership and reimagined as a ’20s-style upscale cocktail lounge and piano bar: jazz and drinks, anyone? Fresh on the scene is HenHouse Brewing , opening its first full-service kitchen taproom in the space long held by Iron Springs Pub and Brewery. “Music brings people together and as musicians we thrive on that connection,” says musician and Peri’s new talent buyer, Jonathan Korty. “Fairfax has always been a music town and it just didn’t feel right without live music.”