Michael Heacock: Michael Heacock Architects, Inc.

Michael Heacock (Photo by Emily Hagopian Photography)

The art and craft of high performance, beautiful buildings.

What makes your team trailblazers?
We are artists, designers, builders, developers, managers, strategists, negotiators and community builders seeking to improve life through the timeless enjoyment of spaces. Each project, whether it be residential, commercial, schools or nonprofit is designed, entitled and crafted by our talented team. We create highly functional, ecological, beautiful buildings that enhance the senses and grace the landscape.

Describe how you use resourcefulness to stay ahead of the pack.
We collaborate with owners, builders and artisans, resulting in unique, authentic buildings and community spaces, such as the Mill Valley Lumber Yard. With 25 years of experience, we offer comprehensive services including project management, planning and design. We also have relationships with local regulatory staff that can help to ease planning and permit approvals.

How are you boldly paving the way in your industry?
In an increasingly regulated and packaged world we offer a uniquely creative experience to our clients. Rather than arriving at forgone conclusions or styles, we create original compositions that reflect and expand upon our clients’ needs, context, community and the land upon which we build. With 19 LEED certified projects, we design every building to be net-zero.

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