Mark Hinds: Resonance Technology Group

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Technology in harmony with nature.

Tell us about yourself and the work you are doing.
I’m the CEO and founder of a group of companies that are bringing forth advanced technologies in the health, energy, agriculture and environment sectors based on a new understanding of science. The companies utilize a strategic methodology that identifies extraordinary inventors, scientists and engineers to help them productize, commercialize and license their technology and bring their genius to the world.

Can you explain more?
These companies are the culmination of almost two decades of work to begin introducing a radically new understanding of science that has the opportunity to solve most every problem facing humanity today.

What is this new understanding of science?
This new understanding of science is called “Resonance Science” whereby we look at how nature functions and then emulates that to solve problems. Everything that humanity does today is “dissonant” to how nature functions. Resonance Science has the opportunity to change, in a positive manner, humanity in a way that is so fast and so impactful that few people really have an understanding of the potential of what is coming.

Give us an example of one of the companies and their product.
UpTerra utilizes resonant principles to change agriculture. The results across multiple types of crops show that water consumption is reduced, pesticides can be reduced or eliminated, plant yield is increased, and the vitality and nutrient content of plants are increased.

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