Marin Transportation Projects Receive Funding

Communities in Marin County are set to receive millions in state funding for transportation projects, which include new bike and pedestrian paths, bike lanes, traffic congestion relief, transit improvements and housing planning near transit hubs.


8  Number of projects in San Rafael, Corte Madera and other areas of the county

$10.2 million State grant approved by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission

$9.5 million  Additional dollars recommended that the California Transportation Commission approve for further projects

$4.6 million Grant funding received for San Rafael

$8 million  Recommended funding for the San Rafael Canal area

$1.6 million  Set to be used to start a study on potential housing development in San Rafael

$1 million  Awarded to SMART for a bicycle and pedestrian path in Novato

$505,000 Grant awarded to Sausalito to add a bicycle lane on Bridgeway

$1.5 million Recommended for Corte Madera to complete a separated bicycle lane on Nellen Avenue

$2 million  Grant funding for Corte Madera to build a multimodal path on Paradise Drive

$1.6 million  Allocated to Marin Transit to upgrade bus stops on high-use corridors

$400,000  Grant funding for the Transportation Authority of Marin