Marin Taking Action to Reduce Drug Overdoses

Fatal overdoses and drug poisonings have doubled in the past three years in Marin County, a trend driven by the increased distribution of fentanyl, but health authorities are particularly concerned about the deaths occurring among teens. Using proven tactics from the RxSafe Marin coalition, organizers of OD Free Marin have formed action teams to approach the crisis with a goal of reducing drug overdoses, focusing especially on fentanyl, in 2023. OD Free Marin is working to educate Marin communities, distributing the overdose treatment drug Narcan and helping individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders access treatment options. “New very potent opioids are flooding the illicit market, and we’re seeing more overdoses in every community in Marin,” says Dr. Matt Willis, Marin County Public Health Officer. “It’s time to take action together.”