Marin County’s Climate Change Reboot

Photo by Jack Bober

Marin’s various municipalities know climate change and sea level rise are coming but have lacked a cohesive effort to address the problem. In a September report titled “Climate Change: How Will Marin Adapt” the Marin civil grand jury, while applauding the work local governments have done so far, says a centralized strategy is necessary. “By committing to a more collaborative approach, Marin will be better prepared for the difficult climate change challenges that lie ahead,” the report states. “The cost of addressing climate change could be enormous. The cost of doing it haphazardly could be even greater.” The grand jury recommends a “Marin climate adaptation task force” be created, as well as an “office of sustainability and resilience.” The grand jury calls on the county, Marin’s 11 cities and towns, the Marin Municipal Water District, MCE, the Transportation Authority of Marin and the Marin General Services Authority to respond within 90 days.

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