Lucy Nguyen, LMFT: Executive Director Paradigm Treatment

Photo provided by Paradigm Treatment

Paradigm offers residential treatment to teens and young adults struggling with mental illness.

What is it about your business that separates it from the pack?
For over 12 years, Paradigm has focused exclusively on the unique mental health needs of teens, 12 to 17, and young adults, 18 to 26. We believe that it is our calling to lift our clients up and build on their strengths, while providing coping tools that enable them to approach their lives differently and productively.

What is unique about your approach to serving your customers?
In-depth assessments and psychological testing that result in accurate diagnoses — these are a critical part of our treatment programs, providing us with a blueprint to build lasting, effective treatment plans for each and every young client. We utilize a variety of exhaustive testing instruments in concert with a comprehensive and humanistic approach that empowers us to actively address the needs of our clients and their families.

What new services and products do you specialize in that address our current times?
Our treatment teams delve deep to address the root causes of the struggles that young people face in today’s always-on-yet-disconnected world. Our therapeutic program is an amalgamation of the most current evidence-based modalities and experiential therapies that together address the whole person, body, mind and spirit.

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