Kim Manley: KM Herbals Skincare

Kim Manley with daughter Bonnie Campbell

KM Herbals provides nourishing botanical skin care for the summer months.

Why is it important to have a clear vision for your business? We have the rare privilege of having a hand in every stage of the creation of our skin care as the manufacturer. A clear vision allows us to align the products we create with the mission of our company and sincere needs of our community. We believe that what is real lasts, and this frees us from the ebbs and flows of passing trends.

What separates your business from the pack?
Our 30 years of dedication to handcrafted skin care is what keeps us alive and energized. We are both the farmer in the soil and the chef in the kitchen, using the highest quality organic, biodynamically-grown, and wild-harvested raw materials and essential oils — we bring farm-to-bottle products to your front door.

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