Kim Manley: KM Herbals

KM Herbals (photo provided by KM Herbals)

KM Herbals provides nourishing botanical skin care and new offerings for summer.

What is it about your products that provides the best summer solution for beauty and wellness?

As seasons change, so do our skin care and hair care needs. KM Herbals provides products to address this shift as the days grow longer and we are enjoying more time outside. We want your skin protected, moisturized and fed with nourishing botanicals and replenishing oils that are food for the skin.

What new services or products are you offering your clients?

This summer will be an exciting time for new products as we will be introducing refreshing body washes, new scents of our nourishing body lotions, an aromatherapy bathroom spray, and returning to our roots with a relaunch of the products that inspired it all — our baby line!

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