Kevin Perrott , Ph.D., CEO: OpenCures

Kevin Perrott

OpenCures is a new kind of company that allows clients to scientifically track their health.

What is it about you that makes you a health expert?

Becoming a cancer survivor pushed me to get a Ph.D. studying aging at the Buck Institute where I learned the power of science to optimize health and created OpenCures.

What is your unique approach to health and that sets you apart?

OpenCures helps nonscientists access scientific tools to optimize health. For instance, the ProdromeScan is an inexpensive “smog check” that uses mass spectrometry to
measure hundreds of health biomarkers in a small blood sample with any non-optimal levels easily modifiable. We have other offerings for self-directed health researchers, including a personal CryoBank, cutting-edge supplements, functional testing and online software to help share results and biospecimens to accelerate development of cures for disease.


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