KC Pedersen: Clipper Yacht Harbor

Photo provided by Clipper Yacht Harbor

A full-service marina with a long legacy.

What makes your team trailblazers?

Clipper Yacht Harbor has been in the Pedersen family since the 1940s. We are now on our third-generation of owners and operators. Clipper has been improving and innovating for more than 75 years, never being content or complacent.

Describe how you use resourcefulness to stay ahead of the pack.
From upgrading our docks to the industry-leading standard, adding solar to our property, taking on the best of the marine industry tenants, we will always strive to improve.

How are you boldly paving the way in your industry?

We are always looking to see where the marine industry is headed and try to stay one step ahead. We are setting the standard of what a full-service marina should be.

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