Karron Power, M.D., MPH, ABAARM: PowerMD

Karron Power

PowerMD can help you achieve the look that better aligns with how you perceive yourself.

Why is it important to feel beautiful or surround yourself with beauty?
Beauty is more than just superficial, on the contrary, it is a key part of our lives and transcends the way we interact with ourselves and even one another. That’s why we believe it’s important to both look and feel your best to better engage with the world around you.

How are you helping clients feel refreshed and energized about themselves?
We noticed our clients were spending more time in front of their cameras, mirrors or in Zoom meetings. Subsequently, people became more aware of their physical appearance during this time. Often, our patients found that the physical image they were presented with was not in alignment with their perceived mental image of themselves. We were able to help our client’s come closer to achieving their beauty goals and
desired physical appearance through our services.

What separates you or your business from the pack?
Beauty without wellness is only half of the equation to looking and feeling your best. PowerMD stresses the importance of an inside-out approach. We believe that form needs to meet function in order to produce the best results.


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