Joshua Grout: Larkspur Builders

Photo provided by Larkspur Builders

Trust these talented builders with your next project.

What is it about your business that makes you a great choice for clients?
What makes LBI stand out is our team’s incredible talent and knowledge, and the quality of work that we can produce. My project manager, Andrew Cruz, and I grew up in the trades and spent time in the trenches, from foundations to framing to finish. It is our presence, thoroughness, and drive to see every little item and task run down and finished completely that makes us different.

How are you thinking outside the box?
Our mission and goal is to offer a streamlined, sophisticated and intelligent process for the construction experience and, most important, make it easier and more trustworthy for our clients. While we lean into technology and systems and processes, our outside-the-box approach is actually keeping an old-fashioned concierge model for our project management and services.

How can your business approach help clients love their home?
The best homes are well built, put together with care and consistency, using the best and most sustainable products. It is our goal to produce quality with every task we take on. The longevity of our work gives our clients confidence and satisfaction.

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