Jon DiRienzo and Joe Hosni: Exceptionally Cool Homes

Jon DiRienzo and Joe Hosni

Break away from the status quo with the forward-thinking, technology-driven Exceptionally Cool Homes.


What is it about your business that makes you a local trendsetter?
We are not afraid to take risk and we are not afraid to be different. We just launched Exceptionally Cool Homes as a stand-alone business with no big brokerage affiliation.

How are you disrupting your industry and thinking outside the box?
The business of real estate is shifting. It is driven by new technologies, which empower agents to perform with greater efficiency and more independence. Everything is becoming more streamlined and we are embracing this trend.

What sets you apart in your industry?
Our unwillingness to accept the status quo. We think and act creatively to deliver outstanding results to our clientele and we are not afraid to be different.

What new services and products do you specialize in that address our current times?
We have become truly adept at leveraging digital media on behalf of our clients. The reliance on new mediums has been accelerated in 2020 and we feel we are at the forefront relative to our peers.

What do you want people to know about you and/or your business?
Although we may appear casual and laid-back, we are actually tenacious and highly strategic.

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